Trade Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Experts

We ensure that commodities or products are cleared and in compliance with customs clearance in your destination country, and any applicable international rules and regulations. All import tariffs, duties, or taxes are paid in accordance with applicable laws and customs entry rules and regulations.

If goods are being shipped to an international region, they have to be cleared by the Customs Department of that country. Most nations recommend that importers use customs brokers so that the complex requirements of the customs department can be fulfilled. The various paperwork and legal issues have to be covered before clearance can be granted.

Strategic Partnerships

Accord Global Trade has the ability to ensure that goods are cleared quickly and are ready to be delivered to the desired destination. Our company has created business relationships and strategic partnerships with reliable customs brokers to act on behalf of our customers and take all the necessary actions to ensure that the customs clearance for the goods is received in a timely manner.

Our company has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the various international trade laws, regulations, requirements and procedures of the customs department of different international regions. Our staff is always aware of changing international trade laws and policies and can not only update clients with changing policies, but also work to determine the best possible transportation, warehousing, and shipping options. In short, Accord Global Trade is a full-service provider that will take care of all customs, regulatory compliance, supply chain, logistical requirements, and marketing in any chosen market.

International Sourcing Services

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