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Last Updated: February 15, 2021

The information given on www.AccordGlobalTrade.com is provided by Accord Global Trade [the ‘Service Provider’] to you [the ‘Customer’] and all services provided, are conditioned on the basis of the Customer’s acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the services listed herein. The Customer is bound to the terms and conditions listed on the site, without any modification or clarification. Any oral or written correspondence not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall not be considered binding for either party. In order to retain the services of Accord Global Trade, the Customer shall accept the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Modification

1.1 Accord Global Trade reserves the right to make alterations to the Terms and Conditions in whole or part, as required by the changes in the provision of its services.

1.2 Changes in the terms and conditions will be considered applicable once posted on the site, and the Customers continued use of Accord Global Trade services will be considered an acceptance of these modifications.

1.3 Accord Global Trade will be free of any indemnification, in the event that it exercises its rights to modify the Terms and Conditions, to any portion of the services.

2. Limited Disclaimer of Content Copyright

While any person has the right to view the information available on the site for informational purposes, no part of the information can be distributed, copied, or reproduced without the written consent of Accord Global Trade.

3. Obligations of Accurate Information

By doing business with Accord Global Trade, the Customer agrees to:

3.1 Provide accurate, current and complete information about the company.

3.2 Maintain and update all information referring to its company to ensure that Accord Global Trade can maintain true and factual records.

3.3 Accord Global Trade reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate all agreements with the Customer if there are reasonable grounds suggesting the information provided by the Customer is false, inaccurate, incomplete or not current.

4. Privacy

Accord Global Trade will use the information provided by the Customer in accordance with the Privacy Policy, and the Privacy Policy is considered a part of the Terms and Conditions.

5. Content Errors

The website may include inaccuracies or typographical errors.

6. User Indemnification

The user of the site agrees that Accord Global Trade cannot be held liable for any loss or claim of expense including legal fees in relation to the violation of the Terms and Conditions or use of service of Accord Global Trade.

7. Forum of Communication and Submission of Information

7.1 The Customer hereby agrees to accept electronic forms of communication from Accord Global Trade. Accord Global Trade may communicate with the Customer through e-mails and phone calls, general or individual in nature.

7.2 The Customer agrees that any agreements, modifications in services, disclosures and other forms of communications Accord Global Trade may provide electronically, serve to satisfy, all legal requirements, suggesting that all electronic communications are in writing.

7.3 Any information provided to Accord Global Trade through its website is considered the property of the Company and Accord Global Trade shall be free to use the information for any lawful purposes without any legal obligation.

8. Our Strict Rules of Trade

8.1 Accord Global Trade makes use of strict and safe international trade rules and procedures throughout its international trade services, as a minimum safe trading application.

8.2 Accord Global Trade strictly adheres to the safest international rules and procedures to make trade negotiations successful and profitable by applying UCP 600 Banking Rules, Incoterms 2020 Delivery Rules, URC 522 Collection Rules, and TRIBE Rules of Trade (© FTN Exporting).

9. International Trade Rules & Procedures

9.1 Terms of Delivery: Incoterms 2020

9.2 Payment & Collection: UCP 600 and URC 522

9.3 Law & Language: English law and English Language shall apply.

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