Supply Chain Management

Transport and Logistics

As a firm providing supply chain management solutions, our company analyzes our clients’ mode of operation and generates a report on the results. By providing a comprehensive list of suggested improvements and solutions, we help streamline the entire import/export process and create solutions that are customized for our clients’ success.

Our company has a personalized service that monitors the supply chain from the beginning to the end and assists clients to deal with potential problems preventing the creation of delays. Leveraging our consultancy services, clients are able to reduce overhead and decrease human resource requirements, as supply chain synergies create peak work performance.

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Driving Efficiency

Our staff has years of experience and will design supply chain efficiencies resulting in low associated costs. With a complete line of supply chain solutions, we will provide customized products & services that fit our clients’ unique company needs. Whatever a company may require, we will provide a solution that will be cost effective and will help streamline the supply chain management process.

Supply Chain Management

Shipping & Logistics

Our staff has extensive experience in dealing with freight forwarding and international shipping companies. These companies work together to help ensure that the commodity or product shipment is done promptly and professionally. Our staff is skilled in ensuring that all shipments of commodities or products arrive in a timely manner and are delivered directly to our clients, eliminating any issues.

With over a decade of experience, Accord Global Trade has worked with many of the most effective and efficient logistics strategic partners in the industry. Our company works with companies that are professional and transparent. As international trade consultants, our company will help transform all aspects of supply chain management. By seeking the best freight rates, insurance premiums and warehousing options, we guarantee that our Products & Services will help reduce clients’ overheads and costs.

Through our shipping & logistics solutions and the utilization of our business relationships and strategic partnerships with reliable freight forwarding and international shipping companies, we are able to meet our client’s requests, each and every time. With a diverse line of global shipping & freight forwarding services, we have been able to ensure the best contractual rates. Whether it is via air, sea, road, or rail, our international shipping & freight forwarding services department is fully equipped to comply with any international trade regulations or requirements in the global market.

Warehousing & Distribution

Accord Global Trade has a diverse staff portfolio with an array of human resources at its disposal. Our company has networked with effective and reliable warehousing and distribution services and are able to offer our clients warehousing and distribution of cargo.

With warehousing and distribution facilities located throughout the world, we can offer our clients an extensive transportation fleet. With access to fully equipped warehouses and distribution centers, we ensure that all shipments are picked up, distributed efficiently, and on time.

Our company’s distribution network can manage the entire supply chain process. We offer all forms of delivery, container deconsolidation, domestic and international distribution, docking services, short and long term storage and inventory management. With advanced security systems and a state of the art management system, our distribution network is one of the best in the industry.

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