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Considering the global economic integration of a changing international market, it is essential that businesses are versatile and have the capacity to provide global services. Countries are becoming increasingly interdependent in terms of trade and marketing, and it is this global economy that is responsible for the world being viewed as a “Global Village”.

Accord Global Trade is an international trading, import/export consulting, and marketing solutions company. Depending on the clients' needs, we are dedicated to helping both importers and exporters locate sought after commodities & products, leveraging products and services, in order to access new foreign markets.

Our company specializes in providing Products & Services to both importers and exporters in the international marketplace. We connect our clients with markets all over the world.

Accord Global Trade, an international trading company, with its unique service offering, will help clients identify new markets, attract serious importers and exporters at a global level, and bridge international trade barriers. In an era where global trade is the keyword for success in business, we are the gold standard in International Trade Consulting.

With expertise in market research, marketing solutions, and negotiation techniques employed to bridge cultural differences, we pledge to help both importers and exporters procure the best commodities, products and services, in order to flourish in international trade.


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