Trade Agency Representation

Agency & Commercial Representation

We specialize in providing Agency & Commercial Representation services to Producers, Suppliers, Manufacturers and End Buyers in the international import/export marketplace.

Our services have been designed to allow expansions to new foreign markets by providing customized services that fit unique business requirements in order to succeed in international trade. Our products, services and solutions are fully supported by business relationships and key strategic partners throughout the world.

commercial representation

Export / Import Management Services


Exporters (Ultimate Suppliers)

We support the needs of foreign producers, suppliers, and manufacturers attempting to enter new foreign markets by helping to locate, market, and export quality commodities and products to qualified importers. We act as an export department, exclusive distributor, sales agent, or representative for companies in unfamiliar foreign markets.

We’ll open sales channels safely when you step into new markets by connecting our exporters with prospective importers/distributors, or investors interested in our clients’ commodities, products, and services. Our priority is to increase sales by gaining global distribution for your company’s commodities or products in high demand, untapped global markets for business longevity and economic growth.


Importers (Ultimate Buyers)

Our expertise in contracts negotiation, legal advice, freight, insurance, financing, risk analysis, customs duties, and taxes protects your company from surprises during the international trade process. We specialize in commodities and products procurement, seeking only the best terms. We make purchases directly from producers, suppliers, and manufacturers based on a demand-driven supply chain model.

Once your requirements have been analyzed, our trade specialists will conduct market research and source qualified producers, suppliers, and manufacturers to fulfill your needs while reducing costs, raising profitability, and choosing better quality with affordable suppliers.

We operate under the following conditions:

  1. We act as a trade agent or commercial representative for a disclosed principal, whether it is a supplier or an end buyer.
  2. An international commercial agency contract is signed for a minimum period of one year.
  3. Depending on the nature of an appointment, agency services may be offered on a commission or retainer basis.

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