Competitive Advantages

Access to International Markets

Accord Global Trade has competitive advantages over other companies by being one of the few companies that provide exceptional and customized solutions to both exporters and importers. Our highly qualified trade and investment experts provide market visibility and business intelligence in a world where regulatory, natural, and geopolitical shifts have an instant effect.

With offices in North America, the Middle East, and Africa (MEA), and partners in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America, we have access to producers, suppliers, manufacturers, importers, and investors worldwide.

We provide exceptional trading services by highly qualified traders who provide market visibility and business intelligence, in a world where regulatory, natural, and geo-political shifts have an instant effect.

competitive advantage

Our Service Advantages

  • With our multi-sector experience, we have developed and implemented trade promotion strategies, value propositions, and lead generation campaigns in many industries to increase exports & imports and bring our exclusive trade opportunities to potential investors' attention
  • Leverage our experience and expertise in international trade by obtaining access to proven methodologies and best practices to help clients gain a competitive edge
  • Customized consulting services, proven emerging market entry strategies, trade promotion, and marketing solutions to find the best methods to promote clients’ commodities, products, or services and streamline their business channels
  • Access verified genuine suppliers and investors by leveraging our global client base and extensive expertise in sourcing commodities/products
  • Our Diverse Expertise and Global Network allow quick access to verified genuine suppliers and investors in international trade
  • Identify trade and investment opportunities between Emerging Markets and Mature Markets, buy, sell, invest, and distribute commodities & products through structured trade and logistics operations, ensuring competitive and profitable deals
  • Exposure and faster access to foreign markets by ensuring that clients’ commodities, products, or services have a global supply market and clients have access to foreign importers while providing access to an international supply chain system
  • Utilize our Global Partnerships to facilitate Exports and Imports and Promote Trade across the world. Our combination of research and consulting services provide our clients with unique support for their strategic and operative decisions in existing and new markets
  • Tremendously reduce export start-up costs and the risks associated with exporting to unknown international markets
  • Guidance through the export/import process, which will provide the skills needed to navigate the complexities of international trade
  • Allow clients to focus on domestic marketing and sales while outsourcing their exporting or importing operations to the international trade experts
  • Provide clients access to both direct and indirect shipping options and numerous distribution channels both domestically and internationally
  • Allow an increase in sales and profits by streamlining local and global supply chain management
  • Help establish strategic business relationships in international markets
  • Help your region/territory's companies to accelerate their growth with foreign trade and cross-border investment projects by leveraging the right kind of trade and investment
  • Providing results-oriented trade promotion solutions to help our clients identify profitable opportunities and accelerate their business growth by investing in our exclusive Trade and Investment projects offers
  • Allow suppliers and investors to take advantage of our comprehensive resources, which they can selectively utilize based on their specific demands and business goals

Accord Global Trade works to provide exporters, importers, and investors with a link to all aspects of the trade and investment transactions. This makes our company a viable option for companies that lack the skill set and companies that would like to expand into foreign markets.

How We Can Help You

We provide products & services to importers and exporters in the international marketplace, connecting our clients with markets all over the world.