Service Advantages

Accord Global Trade has service advantages over other companies by being one of the few companies serving both the United States and Middle Eastern markets. We focus on providing exceptional and customized products & services to both buyers/importers and sellers/exporters.

We offer the following service advantages:

  • Customized market research and an international business plan will be conducted to find the best methods to promote clients’ products and/or services and streamline their business channels.
  • Leverage our experience and expertise in international trade by obtaining access to proven methodologies and best practices to help clients gain a competitive edge.
  • Exposure and faster access to foreign markets by ensuring that clients’ products and/or services have a global supply market and clients have access to foreign buyers while providing access to an international supply chain system.
  • Tremendously reduce export start-up costs and the risks associated with exporting to unknown international markets.
  • Guidance through the import/export process, which will provide the skills needed to navigate the complexities of international trade.
  • Allow clients to focus on domestic marketing and sales while outsourcing their importing and/or exporting to the international trade experts.
  • Provide clients access to both direct and indirect shipping options and numerous distribution channels both domestically and internationally.
  • Allow an increase in sales and profits by streamlining local and global supply chain management.
  • Help establish strategic business relationships in international markets.

As an international trading, import/export consulting, and marketing solutions company, Accord Global Trade works to provide buyers and suppliers with a link to all aspects of the import and export transactions. This makes our company a viable option not only for smaller companies that lack the skill set, but also for companies that would like to expand into foreign markets.

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