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Our company specializes in providing Products & Services to Producers, Suppliers and End Buyers in the international import/export marketplace. Our services & solutions have been designed to allow expansions to new foreign markets by providing customized services & solutions that fit unique business requirements in order to succeed in international trade. Our products, services and solutions are fully supported by business relationships and key strategic partners throughout the world.

We specialize in providing products, services and solutions to:

  • Exporters/Sellers: As an export intermediary, our company acts as an export department, an exclusive distributor, a sales agent, or representative. This is advantageous for companies who are new to exporting or do not yet have their export department, distributors or sales agents in unfamiliar foreign markets. Our company can become the sales representative or exclusive distributor for client companies in international sales and connect them with prospective buyers who are interested in our client’s products and services throughout the United States and the Middle East.
  • Importers/Buyers: As an import intermediary, our company frequently makes purchases directly from producers and manufacturers based on a demand-driven supply chain model. Our company specializes in commodities and products procurement on behalf of our clients, seeking only the best terms. Our company will conduct market research, and source qualified producers and manufacturers who can fulfill our clients’ needs throughout the United States and the Middle East.

Our company offers a variety of products, services and solutions including:

International Commodities Trading

Commodities & Products: Accord Global Trade (AGT) is an international trading company in physical Commodities & Products. AGT acts as an international Buyer/Seller of soft & hard bulk commodities & products. We are highly specialized traders of large & revolving Non-spot Secondary Market commodities, which are in demand globally.Read More »

Import & Export Consulting

Import & Export Consulting: We offer import and export consulting services that allow importers and exporters to streamline their entire process. As a consulting firm, we offer our clients more than just services; we offer a complete solution for their import and export business needs. Read More »

Supply Chain Solutions:

Supply Chain Solutions: As a firm providing supply chain management solutions, our company analyzes our clients’ mode of operation and generates a report on the results. By providing a comprehensive list of suggested improvements and solutions, we help streamline the entire import/export process and create solutions that are customized for our clients’ success. Read More »

Customs & Regulatory Compliance

Customs & Regulatory Compliance: We ensure that products are cleared and in compliance with customs clearance in your destination country, and any applicable international rules and regulations. All import tariffs, duties, or taxes are paid in accordance with applicable laws and customs entry rules and regulations. Read More »

Freight Transportation & Logistics

Freight Transportation & Logistics: Our staff has extensive experience in dealing with freight forwarding and international shipping companies. These companies work together to help ensure that the product shipment is done promptly and professionally. Our staff is skilled in ensuring that all shipments of products arrive in a timely manner and are delivered directly to our clients, eliminating any issues. Read More »

Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing & Distribution: Accord Global Trade has a diverse staff portfolio, and with this array of human resources at its disposal, our company has networked with effective and reliable warehousing and distribution services. We are able to offer warehousing and distribution of cargo to our clients. Read More »


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