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Accord Global Trade (AGT) is an international trading company in physical Commodities & Products. AGT acts as an international Buyer/Seller of soft & hard bulk commodities & products. We are highly specialized traders of large & revolving Non-spot Secondary Market commodities, which are in demand globally.

We buy and sell commodities in the secondary markets on behalf of undisclosed Principals. We specialize in physical commodities & products in agriculture, construction, mining & metals, chemical, energy, and other sectors.

Our company is international in scope and as a result, we have access to many Suppliers and End Buyers around the world. Our International Sourcing Specialists (ISSs) are actively engaged in the sourcing, procurement and trading of a variety of commodities & products from a global network of producers and suppliers. We use top Commodity Exchanges in the world, as global benchmarks that allow us to provide our clients with competitive prices.

We strictly adhere to the safest International Trade rules and procedures including UCP 600 Banking Rules, Incoterms 2010 Delivery Rules, and URC 522 Collection Rules. We also adhere to easy to follow procedures and guidelines found in the TRIBE Rules of Trade (© FTN Exporting), created and tested by FTN Exporting for over 30 years. Our procedures offer our suppliers and end buyers the comfort and assurance of knowing that only the safest trading protocols are used.

* Please note that we do not use applications such as LOI, BCL, ICPO or NCNDA.

Our trade procedures are as follows:

  • Request for Quote (RFQ)
  • Offer to Sell
  • Contract Agreement
  • Payment - Issuance of Documentary Letter Of Credit (DLC)
  • Acceptance of DLC
  • First Delivery
  • Delivery Document Presentation
  • Collecting Goods
  • Next delivery

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