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In a global trade market, manufacturers are restricted from business due to unfamiliarity with changing international laws, cultural differences, and language barriers. It may take years for manufacturers to enter foreign markets, finding business growth limited due to lack of international market contacts. This is why agents, brokers, and intermediaries have become a necessity for any business in the global marketplace. Working through their established contacts of agents, brokers, and intermediaries allow manufacturers to create a presence in overseas markets.

Established in the commodities market for more than a decade, Accord Global Trade is an international trade expert that works as an international trading, import/export consulting, and marketing solutions company.

Founded as a small group of well-educated, passionate international business traders established in the United States, we spent a tremendous amount of time studying the economic supply and demand of both the United States and the Middle Eastern markets. The partners decided to form a more specialized firm consisting of expert traders in different industries. This new group became Accord Global Trade. The mission of this qualified group is to connect the Middle East to the United States markets.

Today, Accord Global Trade’s main products & services are directed in assisting American producers and manufacturers in finding more reliable modes of operation and market access to the Middle East. We specialize in providing these products & services to both buyers and sellers in the international marketplace.

Accord Global Trade has partnered with manufacturers and business investors across the Middle East and the United States to meet the demands of both markets. Our team has worked diligently to ensure their success, employing decades of experience from team members, many who are third generation import/export traders.

Professional Staff
Our extensive staff includes professional international trade experts who have experience in different aspects of the import/export business and worked in different regions around the United States and the Middle East.

As product sourcing experts, we connect established manufacturers with reputable buyers throughout the United States and the Middle East. With over a decade of experience in the international trade markets, and with business partners in the United States and the Middle East, we understand the unique needs of business, providing customized services, products and solutions, throughout the import/export experience.

Unique Selling Proposition
Accord Global Trade is in the unique position of providing buyers/importers and sellers/exporters with customized products & services to meet their unique import/export trade needs. We will help clients establish long–term solutions and strategic relationships with world-class businesses and service providers to gain a competitive edge.

Vision and Mission
Our aim is to provide exceptional and customized products & services to both importers and exporters throughout the United States and the Middle East. We will enable our clients to penetrate new international markets, obtain and market their products or services, and reduce the risks associated with conducting business in unfamiliar foreign markets.

Our mission includes providing our business trade partners with the opportunity to enter both the American and the Middle Eastern markets with reduced risk. We also guarantee the highest level of customer service will be consistently provided to our clients while we navigate the challenges of international trade together.

Company Culture
As a multinational company, our corporate culture is based on a cosmopolitan concept incorporating diverse and multi-ethnic values. We promote the following characteristics in all our business relationships:

  • Customer Focus: We ensure that all our employees understand that customer satisfaction is an essential component of all Accord Global Trade’s import/export business procedures and transactions.
  • Full Circle Communications: In an international import/export work environment, communication is essential to the success of any company. We integrate a system that ensures thorough communications from start to finish without compromise.
  • Integrity, Adaptability and Innovation: The commodities market in a global scenario is constantly changing, and any business unable to change an integral part of its corporate culture will fail. We ensure that our business processes are flexible and adaptable, and all our employees understand that innovation is the basis of their success. Our team is committed to ensuring that our clients consistently receive the products & services they need while remaining accountable in their business dealings. Integrity is a fundamental feature in our corporate culture.


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